What preparations do I have to make before transporting my yacht? All loose or protruding objects should be removed. Dinghies must not be transported in the davits. Doors and windows should be closed. For particularly tall ships, dismantle the implement carrier or flybridge.



Do I have to take care of accompanying vehicles myself? No, we organize the complete transport by our team. We only use professionally equipped escort vehicles with the prescribed traffic lights. Which permits do I need? The necessary permits are obtained from us. We plan the route in close consultation with the local authorities.





How do you inform me about the current state of transport? On request, you will receive daily status reports by e-mail about the current location of your transport. Our service team is in constant contact with the drivers and the loading team in the port of destination.




Who organizes the crane operation during loading or at the destination? The crane is ordered by one of our teams in close coordination with the drivers of the transport and is ready in time at the port. However, you are free to care for the crane of your ship yourself and to renounce this service.

How do you calculate the distance kilometers? We calculate the transport kilometers on the basis of the route specified by the local authorities and actually to be traveled. The routing will differ from the route planning of a car in this respect.

Should I have the yacht wrapped in foil? Welding boats at brand new yachts Standard. The application of the film requires experience and care. Only a clean processed and closely applied foil resists the stress and prevents damage by swirling leftovers.